A Few Essential Points Regarding Efficiency of Green Carpet Cleaning Supplies

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The latest trend in carpet cleaning is green carpet cleaning. This is undoubtedly one of the perfect eco-friendly alternatives to conventional carpet cleaning procedures while providing the same, even better outcomes. But are they really good for stain removal? Let’s have a quick discussion.

Carpet cleaning solutions are often hard on the environment – be it professional carpet cleaners or DIY carpet cleaning products. For proper removal of stains, many solutions depend on strong and powerful additives and chemicals. They often obliterate a mess or degrade the carpet fabric. On the other hands, many people are concerned about the health of the family as well as the planet and this is why they prefer to choose green alternatives over conventional methods. Do they actually work? Let’s check out.

Dry cleaning products

Perchloroethylene is often used in the dry carpet cleaning products. They are also known as perc. This chemical often causes fatigue, dizziness and nausea when inhaled. The effects can be even worse if someone ingests it by any chance. It may also can cause nerve and kidney damages. Dry cleaning chemical naphthalene is procured from coal tar. It can damage the nervous system as well while inhaled in large amount. Though both of them work excellently to clean the carpet they pose serious health and ecological effects.

Homemade carpet cleaning agents

Green carpet cleaning mainly falls into two distinct categories – 1) homemade carpet cleaning products for DIY cleaning purpose and 2) commercial products sold at the stores and used for commercial cleaning.

If you want to manage the stain on the carpets without being harsh on it or without involving a professional, you can do it. Make a non-toxic solution of water and white vinegar in equal quantity. Spray it with a sprayer on the stain and sponge up after a couple of minutes with warm soapy water. However, for the tougher stains, you may need to use a paste of vinegar, salt and borax. Now spread the paste uniformly on the stained area and leave overnight. You need to vacuum it up in the morning. Besides, baking soda can also be used as an effective stain remover. Just pour the soda on, rub thoroughly into the carpet and leave until dried. If done earlier, usually most of the stains get sucked up by this procedure.

Commercial eco-friendly carpet cleaning products

There are many commercial green carpet cleaning products available on the market. They are plant-based rather than chemical-based while restricting their impact on the planet. They usually work just like conventional solvents and detergent substances through their usage vary greatly by the preference. Some people don’t like particular plant aroma and try for the second or third option to get their carpets clean.

Professional carpet cleaning products

These are also somehow going green. Many brands offer green cleaning as a part of their service. In spite of the widespread green techniques, it will be good to ask your chosen carpet cleaner which products they use in the machines. If they are not so sure of whether the products are plant-based or chemical-based, they are not so green.

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