Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Buying Carpets in Surrey

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Though approaching a reliable carpet supplier and buying a carpet of your choice looks quite simple, it is actually not so. Not only do you have to consider number factors when choosing a carpet supplier but also need to avoid the common mistakes people generally make when buying a carpet. In fact, the carpet buying process is quite complicated as you need something which suits your budget and needs. Since buying and installing carpets is a big investment, avoiding those common mistakes is more important than you think.


Buying Carpets in Surrey? Few Mistakes People Generally Make

  • Getting Tempted By Promotions

Even if you have a tight budget, opting for a carpet just because the supplier is offering it at a discounted price is a strict no-no! A wise buyer is the one who can understand that some deals are too good to be true. When you opt for a free or discounted product, you can’t assure their durability and performance. Moreover, there are hidden charges as well which enhance the price of the product drastically. Instead of relying on those promotional offers, get in touch with a renowned supplier and choose something which suits your budget.


  • Treating All Carpets to be the Same

Just approach a renowned carpet supplier in Surrey and you will realise that all carpets are not the same, even if they look similar. The feel and look of the product can never help you assess their performance. You will be surprised to know that carpets made with the same style and fiber might have different qualities. If you are willing to invest in something which offers maximum durability, compare the warranties offered by the manufacturers on the carpets before buying one.


  • Wrong Calculation of The Square Footage

Measuring the square footage of your rooms is important before visiting a carpet supplier, an incorrect measurement can increase the entire cost of your project considerably. Calculating the square footage is quite a challenging task as you don’t just have to add the square footage of each room but also consider the direction of the carpet pile and width of the carpet. If you want a more accurate measurement, get in touch with professionals installing carpets in and around Surrey.


  • Considering the Weight

If you are one of the people who think that the performance and durability of a carpet are dependent on its weight. Their weight can never be an indication of their quality. Though the weight is important, there are numerous other factors you need to consider before choosing the best product within your budget. If the supplier tells you that the performance of a 40 oz. carpet is better than something with lesser weight, he should also tell you the importance of the twist and density.


Since you are now aware of the mistakes people generally make when buying a carpet, make sure you avoid those and invest in the best product.

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