Buying Trendy Carpets? Know How to Choose the Right Colour

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Do you wish to brighten the interiors of your home? Looking for home decor elements which express your individual style? Buying high-quality carpets in Surrey which work perfectly with your decor can help you make a unique style statement.

Wondering how to choose the perfect colour floor covering for your home. Simply check out the handy guide below to learn the tips to choose good carpet colour.

No matter whether you live in a studio apartment, a bachelorette pad, a condo or a villa, carpets are an essential feature for every home. Floor coverings provide warmth, comfort and style to every room. And, when it comes to choosing a rug, one of the vital factors you need to think about is the colour. A change in colour can have a dramatic effect on your interiors while also expressing your distinct personal style.

But, with a plethora of colours to choose from, how do you make the right choice? Read on.

5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Colour When Buying New Carpets in Surrey

1. Opt For Neutral Colours

Ever wondered why more and more homeowners choose neutral colours in carpeting? Floor coverings have a big impact in a room and bright colours in large expanses can be overpowering, unless you have the patience as well as the resources to replace your carpeting every few years when the trends change, it is best to keep the colour of your carpets neutral.

2. Choose Flecked Colours  

Opting for flecked colours is another great way to incorporate individuality into your carpeting. Technically, flecks of colours in floor coverings are termed as Berber. In comparison to solid coloured rugs, carpets in flecked colours are more appealing. Berber flecks are very practical since they can hide any dirt which may be found on your carpets amid vacuuming. Going for flecked colours can be beneficial if you fear the thought of seeing anything inapt on your carpet.

3. Think about Your Lifestyle

Another great consideration to keep in mind during carpet installation is your lifestyle and the way in which you will use the carpeted room. Bear in mind that very dark and light colours show far more unwanted debris than the mid-tones. So, busy households with pets, kids and working parents should never go for white carpets since they can reflect stains much more easily than the other colours.

On the other hand, dark colours may show dust and debris more than the lighter shades. Regardless of what your lifestyle is, it is always wise to buy a carpet which is neither too dark nor too light.

4. Consider the Level of Traffic

This is another vital factor to consider when choosing carpets for your home. The traffic level which the room receives should be a key consideration which you need to keep in mind. For a room which receives a lot of traffic, darker colours may be the best choice since it can hide the build-up of dirt. This is important especially for families who have pets or young children.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to get a trendy carpet installed to beautify your home!

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