Laminate Floors in Surrey

Fitting Service Information

What to expect from our fitters on the day of your installation.

  • Our fitters will install your new floor-coverings purchased from us including any subfloor materials underlay, gripper and door bars
  • On completion of works rubbish will be backed up and left outside your property [unless an uplift and disposal service is included in which case the fitters will remove the waste on completion]
  • Our installers are fully insured for peace of mind
  • We guarantee workmanship for 12 months, this covers any reasonable issues resulting from fitting services booked with one of our subcontracted teams [please note the same team would return to rectify these issues without question or bias after all we all want our customers entirely satisfied]

SUBFLOOR PREPARATION [if included in your outline of works]

  • Will use floor smoothing compound is to prepare subfloor is ready for luxury vinyl tile and some other floor covering installations, when doing so we will prime the floor as required and lay the compound up to 5 mm please be aware when doing so this does not guarantee to level your floor but bring it to a manufacturers recommended standard for installation over.
  • When plyboard is used we use FG1 [flooring grade 1] plyboard and feather finish joints to ensure a surface that makes manufacturers recommended standards for installation over.


  • Rubbish disposal is not included as standard with our fitting service
  • Uplift of old floor-coverings [unless included in quote/invoice]
  • Furniture should be clear of areas being fitted [unless prior agreement reached on items such as bed frames sofas and other items that are physically impossible to leave the room without being taken apart]

Please ensure any major subfloor issues are rectified prior to installation day these include but are not limited to the following-

  • Squeaky floorboards [if these are frustrating you as we can’t screw them in for you]
  • Squeaky stairs including steps and risers
  • Loose floorboards steps and risers
  • Major gaps or holes in your floor exceeding 6 mm deep or 15 mm wide
  • Routing cables under your new floor [with power cables being a legal requirement to sit under floorboards or within walls]

Concrete Floors-

We will gladly stick gripper and underlay to solid concrete floors without any issue however kindly ask that you disclose the information prior as we will need to ensure our fitting teams are prepared with the right equipment to get your job perfect [please bear in mind when we measure and quote our representative will check to see if your floor is concrete underneath your existing floor covering]

Underfloor Heating-

  • We must be informed of any underfloor heating system in place at the time of measuring or ordering [this is very important to ensure your floor performs and is installed in the correct manner]
  • Please ensure underfloor heating is switched off for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation of any latex moving compounds, luxury vinyl tiles and cushion floor vinyl [ideally any floor-covering to be honest]
  • We will only lay on commissioned underfloor heating systems, if a test hasn’t been conducted please insure one is prior to your installation date as non-commissioned systems cannot be laid over.
  • Post installation of any luxury vinyl tile, latex smoothing compound and/or cushion floor vinyl will require at least 72 hours to acclimatise before you can switch your underfloor heating back on. When you first switch your underfloor heating system back on this must be done at 2°C above ambient temperature increments daily thereafter to prevent potential issues with your new floor-coverings.


In order to fully adhere to new government guidelines we kindly ask you read and confirm agreement to the below information and that you’re comfortable for us to proceed with installation prior to your agreed fitting date this can be done by copying and pasting the statement made at the end of these bullet points.

  • Total distancing of 2 m must be adhered to throughout works [preferably please leave the property or move to a different level within the property where possible]
  • If anyone in your household is displaying symptoms we need to know at the first opportunity and will gladly reschedule your fitting date and store your goods at no extra cost
  • On arrival to your property while initial contact is made to outline works/ gain access please wear a mask unless a disability prevents it be impossible, our installation teams will do the same until works begin and social distancing is in effect
  • Please ensure furniture is clear of areas being worked in, now more than ever we want to minimise contact with your personal belongings
  • With floor-coverings being uplifted please hoover prior to your installation date to maximise our team safety

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