What Should You Know Before Choosing Vinyl Floors In Surrey?

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Do you want to enhance your home’s interior by installing vinyl floors? Well, the floor is an important factor in the interior design of your home so needs to be carefully considered. Investing in stylish vinyl flooring can be the ideal way to boost the appeal of your property. But, did you know that there are some crucial aspects which you must consider before getting these floors installed? Read on.


With advancements in technology, vinyl has come a long way today. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are opting for vinyl flooring options because of its great benefits. No matter whether you live in a small apartment, a big house or a villa, vinyl floors in Surrey can increase the value of your house. That’s because, this flooring type is renowned for being long-lasting, fashionable and provides a comfortable surface to walk on.


Here are some important things you must consider before installing these floorings!

5 Vital Aspects You Must Know Before Selecting Vinyl Floors in Surrey

  1. Ease Of Installation

Installing vinyl flooring is easier than installing other flooring materials. For instance, a floating vinyl sheet does not require staple or glue since stick vinyl can adhere to an already prepared sub floor. Also, these floors can be easily installed over hardwood, concrete or plywood.


  1. Great Durability

One of the greatest benefits you can enjoy by getting vinyl flooring installed is that, if maintained and installed correctly, these floors can really stand the test of time. This makes vinyl the ideal choice for those rooms in your house which get the most foot traffic. Not only that, most vinyl floors come with a ‘wear layer’ on the surface which resists stains and scratches.


  1. Affordable Cost

Vinyl flooring is one of the most economical flooring options for your home. When compared to the cost of installing stone, wood or ceramic floors, vinyl can be a great cost-saving option. Installing vinyl floors should always be carried out by an experienced fitter to avoid costly repairs later on. Most flooring companies will offer a fitter, some are included in the price of the flooring.


  1. Stain Resistance

Most vinyl tiles have a wear layer which resists spills and stains. So, you can expect protection from stains with vinyl sheets and tiles. While it’s true that composite and solid vinyl tiles do not come with surface protection, they are more susceptible to stains. But, they do not require periodic stripping and polishing to keep them looking like new.


  1. Low Maintenance

One area where these flooring really outshine others is that maintaining them is relatively easy. After sweeping the vinyl flooring to remove dirt, grit and spills, just run a damp mop over it. Use a good vinyl floor cleaner to keep your flooring looking at its best. Even with low-maintenance, you can be assured that your flooring will look as shiny as the day you installed it.


Install stylish vinyl floors and enhance the appeal of your house!

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